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    This playlist/fanmix is a response to landofart's playlist challenge, where we had to make a playlist for a character and then, in three sentences or more, explain (IN CHARACTER) why the song is loved by the character. If you ask me, picking songs is hard enough, but I hope I did it justice ♥

    Faye Chamberlain's (The Secret Circle) Playlist

    Listen to the Full Playlist on YouTube

    1. Shake Tramp - Marianas Trench

    Sorry but I tried
    It was never mine
    And I can still pretend
    I guess it all depends
    I'm still a little crazy all the time

    I remember hearing this song on the radio. I was about to change it when it played, but I didn't. I listened to the whole thing. Some of the lyrics didn't make sense at first, but the beat carried the words across. I was having a bad day that day so, the part about slapping someone made me feel better. It helped me cool down, surprisingly. Plus, the louder, the better.

    2. Misery Business - Paramore

    Whoa, I never meant to brag.
    But I got him where I want him now.
    Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
    To steal it all away from you now.

    This song is about conquest---the best kind. It's a song that teaches you to take what you want, and then feel good about it. My kind of anthem, if you ask me.

    3. Bitch Came Back - Theory of a Deadman

    There she goes again just always breaking my balls
    No matter what I do somehow it's always my fault
    She says I must be cheating cause I turned off my phone
    But that's the only frickin' way she'll leave me alone

    You know, some people find this song offensive. I find it hilarious. You know there are some girls that reach a whole psycho-level when it comes to boys. Since I'm not one of them---duh---I smirk anytime this song comes on and guess what? I sing along, too. It's that good.

    4. Bad Romance - Lady GaGa

    You know that I want you
    And you know that I need you
    I want it bad, your bad romance

    You know, I really didn't understand the hype behind Lady GaGa until I saw this video. It was bizarre and twisted, but you couldn't keep your eyes off her. I guess that means the woman has some style. And this song? Definitely carries that style. I could rock to it.

    5. Fuck You, I'm Beautiful - Linda Strawberry

    I'm tired
    and I'm lost
    and I'm hollow
    and unfriendly.

    I'm not one for whiny love songs or any songs that could kill whatever buzz I can hope to have in Chance Harbor, but this one kind of has a vibe to it. You have to respect it. It's not whiny, not really, more like, heavy and toxic. My kind of broken love song.

    6. This Is Love - PJ Harvey

    I can't believe life's so complex
    When I just wanna' sit here and watch you undress
    This is love that I'm feeling

    You always have to have a song you can dance to---even if it is about love. Maybe even a song you can strip to. This song is both with just a pinch of wild to it. I like wild.

    7. Rag Doll - Aerosmith

    Rag Doll livin' in a movie
    Hot tramp, Daddy's little cutie
    You're so fine they'll never see ya leavin' by the back door, man

    I remember looking through my mom's old stuff while I was trying to find my Book of Shadows. I found a few old albums and concert t-shirts -- talk about weird -- but, while I looked, I put one of the albums on. Aerosmith was one of them. They're not so bad. Now, this song and me, connected. Not as fast or loud as I like them but, considering the era, I'll take it as one of the best of its time.

    8. Don't Think I Love - Hoobastank

    I wish that we could go back
    To what we were before
    But I don't think that I love you anymore, anymore

    I really don't do love songs. But this one is loud, angry, and real. I mean, I don't show feeling---none that'll make me look like saint Diana or the heir of all evil Cassie. Doesn't mean I don't feel. I like how this song takes all those feelings into a ball and just throws it back at the world to let them deal with it. Kind of what I try to do with it. Most of the time.

    9. Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns

    We're gonna ride the race cars
    We're gonna dance on fire
    We're the girls Le Disko
    Supersonic overdrive

    This song is my alarm clock. Period. It's the kind of song you wake up to, dance to, and face the world with. Forget the words---which, by the way, I heard are about lesbians, but who cares---or what it means, and just, focus on the sound. If magic vibrates through beats and rhythm or some hocus pocus stuff like that, then this song could help me set a few things on fire, easy.

    10. Hands All Over - Maroon 5

    Put your hands all over me
    Please walk with me, walk with me now
    Love is a game you say
    Play me and put me away

    This is the kind of song that has to be in everyone's playlist. Even if you're a boring prude, you have to like this song. It's sexy, electric and, if you can work it just right, the kind of song you can dance to and seduce an entire room with. Take it from someone who knows.

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    This playlist/fanmix is a response to landofart's playlist challenge, where we had to make a playlist for a character and then, in three sentences or more, explain (IN CHARACTER) why the song is loved by the character. If you ask me, picking songs is hard enough, but I hope I did it justice ♥

    SIDE NOTE: Some of these songs are in Spanish (since the character comes from a Spanish-speaking t.v. show), but I translated some of the lyrics, for the sake of, well, translating. It's in parenthesis.

    Valeria's (Ángel o Demonio) Playlist

    Listen to the Full Playlist on YouTube

    1. Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

    There is freedom within, there is freedom without
    Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
    There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost
    But you'll never see the end of the road
    While you're traveling with me

    Before my brother had his band, he used to play this song on his guitar. He used to sing it to me, too. At first, I thought it was kind of sad, especially with the words...but now that he's gone, I can't help but listen to the song. It's not that sad anymore. But hopeful.

    2. Diary of Jane (Acoustic Version) - Breaking Benjamin

    Something's getting in the way.
    Something's just about to break.
    I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
    So tell me how it should be.

    This is a really good band and this song? One of the best. When I found the acoustic version, all I could think is how much my brother would love playing it on the stage, just as it is. Sometimes, I imagine he's the one playing it.

    3. Manos al Aire (Hands in the Air) - Nelly Furtado

    Y yo (And I)
    No tengo armas para enfrentarte (I have no weapons to confront you with)
    Pongo mis manos, manos al aire (I put my hands, hands in the air)
    Sólo me importa amarte (I only care about loving you)
    En cuerpo y alma como era ayer (In body and soul how it was yesterday)

    This song has a really good beat to it, and the lyrics are pretty amazing. It defines love in one simple line. Love usually has a lot of fighting in it and, sometimes, you just have to throw in the towel for the one you love and hope that, maybe, they'll do the same. Maybe. Sounds easier than it actually is.

    4. Límite Perpetuo (Perpetual Limit) - Hereford

    Y parecen tener razones para no morir, (And they seem to have reasons not to die)
    Y ni quieren desprenderse de tu pecho (And they don't want to separate from your chest)
    Y que tienen razón cuando me insisten en salir (And they are right when they insist I leave)
    De ese limite perpetuo, perpetuo (Of this perpetual limit)

    I don't know what's more haunting about this song: the singing or the mood. The lyrics were confusing, at first, but with the right experiences, I guess you can figure out what it means...when someone feels something so much, but is carried by something else---someone else---and can't go for what they want, for what they could have, faced by the limits of that. It makes me think of Damian.

    5. Una Triste Melodia (A Sad Melody) - No Te Va Gustar

    no hay dolor que duela más que el dolor del alma (There's no pain that hurts more than the pain of one's soul)
    no se aleja así nomás (it doesn't go away like that)
    cosas lo hacen aliviar, pero no lo calman a quién querés engañar? (things may relieve it, but they don't calm it, who do you want to fool?)
    no comprendo qué me falta todavía no sé si pueda esperar (I don't understand what's missing, I still don't know if I could wait)
    sólo me queda esta triste melodía (I only have this sad melody)
    y no la puedo cantar. (and I can't sing it)

    Everyone needs a sad song they can listen to. It helps the sadness feel less alone, somehow. This song, even without the words, is a sad song---a sad melody. One worth listening to.

    6. Amiga Mía (My Friend) - Alejandro Sanz

    Amiga Mía, No Sé Qué Decir (My friend, I don't know what to say)
    Ni Qué Hacer Para Verte Feliz (Or what to do to see you happy)
    Ojalá Pudiera Mandar En El Alma O En La Libertad (I wish I could have a say in the soul and freedom)
    Que Es Lo Que A Él Le Hace Falta (which is what he's missing)
    Llenarte Los Bolsillos De Guerras Ganadas (I wish I could fill your pockets with battles won)
    De Sueños E Ilusiones Renovadas (Of dreams and illusions renovated)

    I remember telling Isa to listen to this song when she had a crush on this one guy who was an idiot. I was afraid she'd be mad at me for saying anything. She loves music, so I figured, why not? The next day, she just hugged me, and the rest was easier after that. This is the kind of song that speaks from the heart. That says, "I'm not trying to be an ass, I just want to tell you I see it, and I see you. I care."

    7. Cada Día (Every Day) - Alex Ubago

    Porque desde que te fuiste las mañanas son tan tristes (Because since you've left the mornings are so sad)
    y las noches, eternas compañeras (and the nights, eternal companions)
    desde que tú te marchaste ya no hay música en el aire (since yu've left there's no music in the air)
    y las palabras, son sueños que no llegan (and the words are dreams that don't come)

    I like how this song weaves sadness with hope. I mean, yeah, it talks about a loss, but it also talks about how it'll wait for it to come back. A lot of people just give up, they condemn or they forget. This song remembers, hopes and holds it in a good place still. I wish I could say the same for myself with Damian...

    8. No Se Si Es Amor (I Don't Know If It's Love) - Reik

    no se si es amor lo que siento hoy, (I don't know if it's love what I feel today)
    late mas fuerte el corazòn, (My heart beats fast)
    sera que el amor a llegado en mi, (Could it be that love came to me)
    me encanta la idea de que seas tu (I love the idea of it being you)
    la que me va a enseñar. (who will teach me.)

    I used to play this song a lot when Damian and I started dating. It almost became our theme song. Kind of stupid, right? But I can't blame the song for everything that's happened. I fell in love, whole and completely, who can blame a song for that? It's a happy "I fell in love" song and, even without it, I'm still happy to listen to it. Sometimes.

    9. Dulce Locura (Sweet Madness) - La Oreja De Van Gogh

    Sin tu luna, Sin tu sol, Sin tu dulce locura (Without your moon, without your sun, without your sweet madness)
    Me vuelvo pequeña y menuda (I turn small and petite)
    La noche te sueña y se burla (The night dreams and mocks)
    te intento abrazar y te escudas. (try to hug you and you shield yourself.)

    You're not from Spain unless you know this song, and the band. It's one of those songs you have to dance to, even though the words are telling you to listen. You can do both. You have to do both. And then you'll sing it with them.

    10. Tu Peor Error (Your Worst Mistake) - La 5ta Estación

    solo quedan los recuerdos de esta invierno (There's only memories of that winter left)
    que pasamos enterrando sentimientos (that we spent burying feelings)
    y aunque no me creas creo que aun te creo (and even if you don't believe me, I think I still believe you)
    y aunque no me quieras creo que aun te quiero (and even if you don't love me, I think I still love you)

    This is the strangest love song I've ever heard and keep listening to, in spite of. I mean, it's fast and upbeat, like it's happy to sing the words even though the words describe a messy kind of love. It's confused, it's conflicted and it's uncertain. But it's still strong enough to sing it this way. Kind of makes you wish all love songs could be like that.

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    Because there are some tropes that are too similar for comfort (and, yes, I realize these two shows are aired on the same channel...and based on a book by the same author. Kind of tells you something, don't you think?)

    Deceased Parents Are The Best

    These are the parents that leave the characters behind, not by choice, early on in the story, sometimes even before the story begins.

    So, in The Vampire Diaries, Elena recently lost her parents in a car accident. Both of them. They were awesome parents and she was even a different person with them -- not a huge difference but, happier, focused and less likely to go on falling in love with a vampire. In The Secret Circle, Cassie loses her mother in the beginning of the show. Her relationship with her mother was a close one and she is an exact physical replica of her, apparently. Later in the show, she'll discover her father is also dead. Then she'll find out he's not. That's a case of "Disappeared Parents Are The Best" and we're really not going there---another trope entirely, I tell you (and Elena also had her own discovery in common---a whole new set of parents...yikes.)

    The Idealist

    A seeker quests for the truth, uncovering mysteries, lies, deception and gaining knowledge about themselves and the universe.
    A character who genuinely believes that their world is A World Half Full; that Humans Are Good, or at least that Rousseau Was Right and a person who will tell you that if you think it's wrong to hope that you're wrong every time. They will take ideals that others have for the future and will do everything they can to take them to fruition, sometimes going too far.

    Elena is looking for too much. Why does she look like Katherine? Who are her real parents? What is the doppleganger? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll? This is not a joke. And Cassie is no better. How am I a witch? How am I a big, bad, solo powerful witch? Who was my father? Why is everything trying to kill me? (This question applies to Elena as well) *forehead-desk* Seriously. I just feel like telling these women to get on a plane, go to Europe and stop looking for things, focus on what's in front of you, mmm'kay?

    And then there's the idealist bit. Cassie beats Elena on this one. I mean, trusting Jake? Really? Trusting the crazy, supposed psychic, old friend of her parents? Trusting Diana's grandmother when she's clearly doing a ritual that gives off bad vibes everywhere? Really, Cassie? In the world of witches, no one is without ulterior motives. Get with the program. And Elena, of course, thinking there's always hope for people, always a chance for something good...dear God. The only difference between these two women, Elena has Damon, The Cynic. Cassie...well, she has sheer dumb luck, for now.

    The Cynic

    A character who emphasizes the hardness of life in general and genuinely believes that the world is a bad place. The guy who, if someone puts forward an idealistic or optimistic premise, is likely to respond with either 'That's moronic,' or 'That's a nice idea in theory, never going to happen,' probably pointing out all the flaws as they go.

    I love Damon. I do. And Faye. They should both meet. Really. Because they would understand each other so well. Damon is the one who always says (especially when no one asks) how badly a plan will end, and how every idea is just stupid, especially if he didn't think of it. While Faye is just too happy to bring out the insensitive comments like they're just a part of life. Deal with it. Like whenever there was an awkward Diana/Adam/Cassie moment, she wouldn't tiptoe around it, but smile and word out the obvious. You have to love these two.

    The McCoy

    The McCoy is part of a Freudian Trio along with The Kirk and The Spock. Where the former is rational and intuitive, and the latter is cold and logical, the McCoy is emotional and humanistic. He cares about others deeply; for him doing the right thing is not a question of convenience or moral relativity, but about the concrete reality right now. Which is to say, someone like The Kirk cares about saving people; the McCoy cares about making things right.

    You know, these two characters get bashed quite a bit, but I see them as being all right (just not given the good parts of the stories, sadly). I mean, Bonnie wants to save people but even she realized, at one point, that maybe letting Damon die would be a good thing considering what a problem he was and what he'd done (granted, Elena, the Idealist, stopped him, but that being neither here nor there...) Diana is the kind of friend who will help you, who you can tell your secrets to, but if one of those secrets involve something that can harm you or others...she's going to spill. She's not going to play Robin to your Batman. She has a compass and, by God, she'll follow it. Oh, and did I mention Bonnie was told a sort of secret by Elena? Uh-hu. Caroline now knows. So, yeah, these two? Not wonderful secret-keepers where their moral compasses are involved.

    Knight in Shining Armor

    The Knight In Shining Armour would likely be a victim of The Dulcinea Effect, where he would fall in love with a princesse lointaine based on nothing but his first sight of her or a distant memory of her. He wants desperately to have some way for them to be connected so when she gives him a token of her affection or accepts one of his it gives him hope.

    Ah, fair knights....the things they will do to save the damsel. Or protect her. Or just make her happy, period. Stefan and Adam are perfect examples of that. First fell in love with their damsels at first sight. Granted, Stefan saw Elena and decided "he had to know her" (ignore the fact she's the exact replica of his ex). And with Adam, as soon as he saw Cassie, his braincells exploded (we can ignore the fact that according to some magic rule, he and Cassie are meant to be, period). And they both do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Adam has saved Cassie from a fire (while she was trapped in a car) and saved her from herself when she was trying to dig too deep into her past. Stefan has saved Elena from, well, everything (with the help of his brother, of course, but we're not going there yet), and will do whatever it takes to keep her out of harm's way...even if it means sacrificing himself.

    Love Triangle,
    Cock Fight,
    Sibling Triangle (Applicable to The Vampire Diaries Only)

    A is in love with B, but B is in love with C, resulting in wacky hijinks. Alternatively, A and B are both in love with C, who is torn between the two and must make a choice. In the latter case, A and B tend to be Betty and Veronica; in the former, A will usually be a Romantic False Lead or Hopeless Suitor.

    The Hero and the Romantic False Lead have one goal in common: getting the girl. In essence, a Cock Fight is what happens when the vying between the two suitors escalates into open hostility. Often occurs if neither was aware of the existence of the other, or when the hero has been courting the girl for a while. Typically, the fighters tend to focus on each other with the woman falling becoming secondary or, in a nastier tone, treated as a trophy.


    In simple terms, a Love Triangle where at least two of the parties involved are siblings, who both love (or at least try to "get") the third party.

    Ah, love triangles. They're everywhere nowadays (even in movies), and these two shows are no exception.

    So, Stefan meets Elena. Elena falls for Stefan. But then Damon comes along and, at first, his intentions are just to mess with them both, especially with his brother, but then he starts to like Elena and Elena starts to like him, too...and then what comes after is a case of "What do I do now???" Now, more than ever, they've gotten into a bit of a cockfight with Stefan reminding Damon that he (Stefan) loves Elena and Damon, surprisingly, didn't back down and said he loves her, too. Okay. Houston, we have a problem. And did I mention they happen to be brothers? Yeah. Sibling rivalry taken to a whole new level.

    In The Secret Circle, Adam meets Cassie. Cassie immediately likes Adam (before she finds out the man is spoken for, but no matter, that's what break-ups are for). Adam, of course, likes Cassie (the stars have ordained it so!) And then comes Jake. Because Adam still has drama with his girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?) who has become a friend of Cassie, she meets Jake and likes him, too. He only came on to mess with them (and turn Cassie over to the witch hunters, especially) but this all goes down the drain when he starts to like her. Now Adam has competition. Now he is officially broken up and fighting for her affections. The cockfight between these two is more about posession than anything else 'cause they're both very possessive and protective males. Thankfully, they're not related.

    As if that couldn't get any worse, there's also the possibility of Faye being related to Cassie while Faye likes Jake, Jake likes Cassie and Cassie likes Adam; these shows are way too much for one trope, I tell you...

    Psychic Powers

    Telepathy, clairvoyance, pyrokinesis — the powers are supernatural, but the names are scientific, which is good enough for soft Sci Fi. Pointy-eared elves mumbling ancient spells on shiny spaceships would be incongruous; pointy-eared aliens reading minds on shiny spaceships doesn't raise any eyebrows.

    Fine, while everyone in The Secret Circle is a witch, capable of their own magical powers, Cassie is the only one who can do magic outside the circle and her magic is really, err, oomphed. It's got a will of its own. Big time. And Bonnie? She's set things on fire, makes vampires feel unbearable pain *cough-DAMON-cough* and she's got a book of her own, like Cassie, too. They're both the kind of witches you don't want to mess with. Two witches worth mentioning as their psychic powers can be, well, quite scary when provoked. Oh, and did I mention they both have a tendency to see ghosts? And the ghosts tell them things. Yeah. Conversations with to be them.


    Which trope reigns supreme???

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    In response to tvrealm's "Before and After" challenge, in tribute to Doctor Who ♥ I love that show and, God knows, my best facial expressions are brought on by that show. Every single emotion. You should watch me watch "Blink". I freak out every time...

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    17 Sets of Panorama Icons (the complete graphic included, as well) which means 85 sanity couldn't make it to 100, but I was close!

    Made for landofart's "Set It Up" challenge :-)


















    Do not hotlink, credit if used and comments are shiny, but not mandatory!

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  • 02/13/12--19:17: Icons: Chronicles of Narnia
  • 12 Chronicles of Narnia icon is response to film_land's challenge of "One is Not Enough".

    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


    Prince Caspian


    Voyage of the Dawn Treader


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    10 icons for tvrealm's "Writing Images, Iconing Words" challenge.

    Doctor Who, Firefly and Once Upon a Time below :-)

    Beginning Illusions Adventurous Grace Wicked
    Gritty Smitten Flashback Playful The End.

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    24 icons in response to landofart's "Work at Your Own Pace" challenge. A couple of Vampire Diaries and Nikita, Doctor Who, Buffy and stock icons, for the most part.

    Angelic Badass Black & White Blood Burn
    Colorsplash Couple Enemy Evil Fantasy
    Friendship Glasses Free (Raven) Hair Hope
    Lust Mirror Music Night Sexy
    Shadow Sky Green Water Weapon

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    The following is Sailor Moon, sorted into Harry Potter houses, which was kind of hard to do, 'cause most of them are good lil' Gryffindors in my book *snort*

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    Fringe Picspam, focused on Olivia's storyline through the show, more or less. I could've gone more in-depth...but it would've taken me forever -_- a response for tvrealm's "Through the Years" challenge.

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